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Who Are We?

Since 2001, Advance School of Wrestling and its coaches have helped Wisconsin area wrestlers reach their full potential as competitors both on and off the mat.

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Why Advance?

ASOW gives wrestling athletes the ability to train year round at one of the finest wrestling facilities in the country with specialized programs geared to get real results.

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Wrestling Programs

Advance School of Wrestling offers a variety of training programs year round for high school students and kids in 5-8 grades in Freestyle, Greco or Folkstyle wrestling.

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Focus Groups

Private Lessons

Focus Groups are available for 2-8 wrestlers by appointment for small group training on specific areas..

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Team Clinics

Wrestling Team Clinics

Team Clinics are usually 1-2 days long and can include your whole team meeting at our facility or yours.

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Our comprehensive program progresses athletes based on age and physicality toward reaching goals.

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Members receive nutritional guidance and meal plans for the ultimate competitive edge in your training.

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Premiere Wrestling Training in Madison, WI

See why Advance School of Wrestling is the ultimate solution for athletes ready to move up in their game. Our facility provides over 4,000 square feet of mat space specifically designed for wrestling training and sports conditioning. Plus our coaches are experienced and motivating! Kids and high school wrestlers love working out at Advance and learning new wrestling techniques!

With 30+ years of experience wrestling and training wrestlers, we have the results to prove that our training programs work. Select custom options based on your age level or goals.

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High School Wrestling

Check out upcoming training sessions for high school wrestling. Several options available.

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Kids Wrestling

Kids wrestling training is also offered year round. See which programs are best for you.

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Private Wrestling Sessions

Private wrestling sessions provide the chance to take a custom approach to your game.

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About ASOW


Advance School of Wrestling is an open-enrollment program located in Madison, WI dedicated to providing a year-round, top-quality training experience for wrestlers of all ages and skill levels.

Our mission is to offer our wrestlers the opportunity to reach their full potential as competitors, both on and off the mat. Wrestling classes include technique and wrestling fundamentals, structured drilling, hard wrestling, functional strength training and conditioning, mental development, and nutrition.

This program is designed for serious competitors who are looking to ADVANCE.


Wrestling Championships

Since 2001 we have trained wrestlers who went on to win over 145 State Championships in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman; 20 National Champions & 90 All-Americans at the kids through junior levels; and more than 340 High School State Qualifiers!


Why Advance 

Wrestlers are instructed and trained by Operator/Instructor and former UW Badger Brad Owens. Brad is assisted by Cole Schmitt, Joey Neigum, Shane Sweeney, and Tyce Shirley.  Seasoned wrestlers, all have competed successfully at the high school and college levels. Together they bring more than 30 years of coaching expertise that helps guide athletes to new levels.

ADVANCE stays current with the latest trends of training and technique that wrestlers must know to keep a competitive edge. In addition, ADVANCE provides constant access to quality workout partners. Class size is limited to approximately thirty, so athletes receive more focused instruction. Combined with a talented staff, competitive workouts, and the latest wrestling techniques, wrestlers learn to dominate their competitors.